Frank-ly Speaking

Frank-ly Speaking   Matthew 4:19 NIV


Jesus invited some fishermen, Simon Peter and his brother Andrew, then the brothers James and John, to follow him, “Come follow me, and I will send you out to fish for people”.


I have spent the past year and a half, literally fishing for men and women. Working for Hubbard’s Marina, at John’s Pass, on Madiera Beach, I offer the bait, get them hooked, real them in and get them in the boat. I have been selling: Fishing Excursions; The Dolphin Watch Cruise and The Sunset Cruise. But on the side, I have continued to follow Jesus by “fishing for people”. After 30 years of being a Preacher, it has been somewhat fun to do something different, but I didn’t stop following Jesus, so I couldn’t help but continue to “fish for people”.


One thing I realized, during these past two years, there are many opportunities in our everyday lives (in the secular world) to fish for people. I just have to be looking for them and be bold enough to cast a baited hook their way. Yes, we need to know what bait to use and the right kind of tackle. That is why we need to follow Jesus and learn his ways, so we might be successful in our fishing efforts.


As we follow Jesus together, in these coming years, I will encourage you to go fishing with me, with each other and sometimes alone. It is very satisfying to bring another into the boat and to help them to also become followers of the way of Jesus our Christ.